Your wedding day- relaxed, intimate, unforgettable...


Your wedding ceremony will be as unique as you are- I promise! I create a different ceremony for every couple I meet and it can be as short or involved as you desire. This is your day, and I am willing to do (just about!) anything to ensure it reflects the two of you and what you would like for your wedding.


I give you lots of readings, poems and sample vows to choose from, or help you make your own! I will ensure that your ceremony feels personal by including things like how you met, and will ensure your guests feel relaxed and included.


We can use my PA system if the wedding is outdoors so no one misses a minute, you can use my table and chairs for the signing table (clothed, of course!), I can even wear a colour that doesn't clash with your colour theme.


We can conduct a rehearsal to ensure you feel comfortable. 


I will take care of all the paperwork and leave you nothing to worry about except enjoying your special day, remembering to smile and creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. The moment is all yours. 


Contact me to see if your wedding date is still free in my diary!


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